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Instead of repeating what has already been written by others, I highly recommend that you investigate some of the many websites listed on the following pages. 

There is excellent information to be found among these sites,  so 'click away' and find something that resonates with your heart. Your eyes, body and mind will be grateful for you letting these teachers into your life.

Note: Be aware that not all vision educators have a thorough grasp of the Bates Method, and inclusion of a link does not imply Vision Of Joy's endorsement!

We cannot teach people anything, 
we can only help them discover it within themselves.

Galileo Galilei

Websites of Natural Vision Educators
Find a teacher near you and read more about natural vision improvement

Behavioral Optometrist
Find a behavioral optometrist in your area

Affordable Prescription Glasses
Save a fortune - buy your prescription glasses online

Other Vision Related Websites
Anything else that's helpful in regaining clear eyesight

Holistic Health Websites &
Other Sites Related To A Natural Lifestyle

Things I've enjoyed which you may enjoy too...

Now including: Positive Projects for Planet Earth


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