Visions of Joy - Natural Eyesight Improvement - Vision Education
The School of Optimal Eyesight
Improve your vision and overcome the need for glasses or contacts while avoiding laser surgery

Bates Method Classes

Do you want to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses?

Are you apprehensive of laser surgery on your eyes?

Did you try eye exercises without success?

There IS a much better alternative ...

... Learn the Bates Method with Visions of Joy !

Better eyesight is possible and it is easy to learn.
Yes, you can improve your vision naturally!

Take vision lessons with Esther Joy van der Werf, NVE, and discover the traditional Bates Method of how to improve your eyesight naturally.
Experience the fast track to clear vision; no boring eye-exercises!

In Visions of Joy's eyesight lessons...

... you learn how to use your eyes the way nature intended
... you discover how to improve your visual clarity
... you are very likely to see better during the first lesson!

No age limitations, no matter how bad or good your eyesight is now, take this opportunity to open your eyes to a brighter world. The only prerequisites are an open mind and a sincere desire to see clearly with your own eyes.

"Esther Joy van der Werf is one of the most effective,
caring, and knowledgeable vision teachers I have met
in my 25 years of being an optometrist.
If you want to improve your vision, Take her class!!!"

Dr Marc Grossman, OD, LAc.
author of 'Greater Vision', 'Natural Eye Care'
and 'Beyond 3D: Magic Eye - Improve Your Vision'

Classes offered by Visions of Joy:

Click on the underlined text below for details 
such as location, date, cost, etc., for that class/event.

Schedule at a Glance  An overview of the current year's schedule.

Private Lessons  Individual eyesight lessons focusing on your needs.

Skype/Video consultations  Individual instruction by Skype / online video.

E-mail Course  Improve your eyesight through e-mail lessons.  You receive     guidance tailored to your needs and have all your questions answered.

Video Course  The basics of the Bates Method are explained in depth in
     this new 4-part video course. No personal guidance but excellent general
     advice that will help you make major strides forward on your path to

Group Classes:  Improve your eyesight in a group setting.
     ~ Vision Fundamentals: The essentials for all vision problems.
     ~ Reading without Glasses: The essentials for focusing up close.
     ~ Day & Weekend Seminars: The essentials and more!

Special Events   Conferences, health expos, seminars, etc.

Teacher Training   Become a Natural Vision Educator (Bates Method).

Travel Schedule   Visions of Joy's classes in various locations.


Schedule at a Glance

Note: I don't plan very far ahead, so this schedule is definitely subject to change... Due to my writing projects, there are less classes and events scheduled than usual.
The best way to stay informed about upcoming classes is to subscribe to the newsletter! If you'd like a group class in your area, feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

Visions Of Joy ~ 2019 Schedule At A Glance

Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA

February Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
March Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
April Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
May Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
June Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
July Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
August Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
September 1-6 - Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
13 onward: Travel in Europe.
26 - Group class in Castricum, Netherlands
- Group class in Harderwijk, Netherlands
30 - start of IHVC Conference, Germany
October 1-3 - IHVC Conference, Germany
12-13 - Weekend group class in Bresseo, PD, Italy
21 onward: Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
November Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
December 1-20 - Available for private lessons in Ojai, CA
21-31 - Closed
for the holidays

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