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AVE Vision Conference

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Association of Vision Educators
7th Professional Conference

Dates:  25-29 September 2024
Location: Stony Point, New York

A conferece where natural vision educators and eyesight professionals
meet colleagues, share knowledge, be (re-)inspired,
recharge professional batteries, and have fun together!

For more details and registration, go to the AVE website.

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A little AVE conference history:
The first Natural Vision Conference in the USA was held in Virginia Beach in 1999 which actually gave birth to the Association of Vision Educators (AVE). This was a public conference, open to anyone interested in improving eyesight naturally.
The first professional vision conference (for teachers only) was held in Pacific Grove, Oregon, in 2001. This was followed by two public conferences held in San Francisco, California (2003) and Berkeley, California (2004). A hiatus of 11 years happened due to financial losses of the California conferences. With a return to the professional format, the AVE conference was resurrected by Esther Joy van der Werf in 2015 when an enthusiastic group of teachers from several countries gathered in Pacific Grove, California. For many, it was their very first holistic vision conference. They caught the spirit and are now carrying the torch forward. Since then, professional conferences have been held in Boulder, Colorado (2016), Damascus, Oregon (2018) and online due to Covid restrictions in 2020 & 2022. We are planning to gather in person again in 2024 in NY state.

Association of Vision Educators
2nd Professional Conference
Garden at Aldersgate Retreat Center

Dates:  1-3 May 2015
Location: Aldersgate Retreat Center, Pacific Palisades, California 

A weekend for natural vision educators and eyesight professionals
to meet colleagues, share knowledge, be (re-)inspired,
recharge professional batteries, and have fun together!

This conference was a great success!!! 23 Attendees from 5 countries traveled to Pacific Palisades to be part of this incredible event.
With workshops following the conference on Sunday and Monday, there was a wide array of experienced teachers to learn from and plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and form friendships for life!

See some of the conference photos below, and
also see our Facebook Events page.
Plus enjoy a 1 minute video made by Tony Helinsky
that gives an
impression of this conference!

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21 AVE memebers aat Aldersgate

Above & Below: 2015 Conference participants at Aldersgate Retreat Center in Pacific Palisades.

Group photo at and in the tree

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