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Video Course

A Video Course taught by Esther
on How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally.

Who is this course for?
Have you perhaps taken some eyesight improvement classes but were left with a list of 'eye exercises' for which you never have the time to do them all?

Have you tried to learn the Bates Method from books and got stuck and wondered how to apply it in your life so you could really improve your eyesight?
Or are you curious about the Bates Method and wonder what it truly is about or if it might actually work for your personal vision challenge?
If so, then this video course is for you.

What can you expect from this course?
During four video sessions you follow a simple step-by-step process that demystifies the Bates Method and gives you clear explanations on how to reduce eyestrain. This course teaches you how to deal with your blurry vision and how to use your eyes so you no longer create more blurriness. Instead you will start reversing that trend so you can return to clear vision without glasses. See the 'course content' below.

Video course improves vision acuity:
Here is the experience from one of the first students of the video course, who, at the time of writing, had watched 3 of the 4 sessions:
"I already have some results from relaxing and trying not to stare etc. (start: 5 / 40 and two weeks later: 5 / 20 +3). Regards, Mariëlle C."
[Mariëlle started the course with -2.00 diopters of myopia combined with -0.75 of astigmatism. The numbers she provides show that she more than doubled her vision acuity from 5 feet in just two weeks; a great result! ~ EJvdW]

Another testimonial for the video course comes from Ireland:
Dear Esther,
How are you? I'm just writing you a quick mail to say that I have been getting a lot of benefit from the Video course I got from you. Two weeks or so ago I wrote to you to say that I had been to an optician who also does Bates work and reduced my lenses by 1 diopter and since then I have been having near complete clarity of vision using them. However since last week, Saturday actually I noticed sign posts and other signs etc coming into focus without wearing any glasses or lenses. since then I have been have extraordinary clear vision everything has improved by quite a significant amount and faces and signs all start becoming crystal clear as I walk along the streets some signs are well over 200 feet away which means my vision is back to 20/20 or even more.
I feel it was really helpful for me to find people to ask questions and to find encouragement, like you gave me.
Kind regards,
Sean MacLeod

[Sean started with -2.75 nearsightedness. Years ago he read several books about the Bates Method, attended some workshops locally but had not made much progress. Thankfully he kept his belief in the method, watched the video course, and is now enjoying great results. ~ EJvdW]

When can you take this course?
You can start this video course at any time, anywhere. You will be sent links to the video recordings on YouTube after you register, so you
can watch each session at your convenience.

Course details:
The course consists of 4 sessions of 75 to 85 minutes each, with Q&A from participants woven through each class. It was recorded live in January and February of 2016.

Course content:
Session 1.
Introduction, The Bates Method is not Eye Exercises.
Awareness of how you strain your eyes and what to do about it.
The use of reduced prescription glasses to bridge the gap to clarity.
Passive and Dynamic relaxation for your eyes.
The importance of natural, easy, regular blinking.
Session 2.
Continuing the process of dynamic relaxation through awareness of how healthy eyes work effortlessly - awareness of central fixation, peripheral vision, apparent motion, and how to create easy eye motion led by attention.
Session 3.
The importance of relaxed breathing for clear vision.
Posture's influence on vision.
Nutrition for vision.
How to deal with back-lit screens of computers, phones, etc.
Part 1 of sunning for eye health.
Session 4.
Overview of the physical relaxation habits.
Part 2 of sunning for eye health.
The mental side of seeing - using memory and imagination to release eyestrain.
Using multiple eyecharts and reading practice.

How to sign up:
Cost of this unique video course: US$ 197.00

Current special offer: Get a $70 discount now!
For a limited time, the course is available for only US$ 127.00.
Your purchase of this course is an acknowledgment that Visions of Joy is a Faith based Private Health Association, and that you take full responsibility for your health and well-being. Please read the disclaimer.

To get the course, simply make a payment here and send a quick email to let me know your payment is for the video course.

Esther teaching Bates Method on video for Optimist magazine

The following are the updates added by Esther after recording each live session:

Esther's update on 29 January 2016:
I just completed the first session of the 4 part video course on how to improve your eyesight with the Bates Method! It went REALLY WELL !!! :-) I'm delighted, and excited for the rest of the sessions in the coming three weeks.

Esther's update on 5 February 2016:
Two sessions completed! Feedback from the students is great, they love what they are learning, and the option to ask me any questions as we go is working very well. I am looking forward to sessions 3 and 4!

Esther's update on 12 February 2016:
The slight sound issues from last week were solved and this was another great session that I thoroughly enjoyed teaching. Thanks for all the questions; I'm glad I get a chance to clarify things for the participants.

Some links: Here is the page with information on nutrition for vision.
More information about breathing for vision with links to breathing coaches.
And here you'll find a guide for buying glasses online.
I mentioned John Ott today, he made a great video (DVD) about his work which is called 'Exploring the Spectrum'. It is listed on my books page along with some of John Ott's highly educational books. Check those out, and enjoy the sun this week!!!

I look forward to the last session next Friday where we'll go into the mental side of relaxed seeing and we'll get deeper into using sunlight for optimal eyesight.

Esther's update on 19 February 2016:
The last session is done and I am so grateful that 'The Optimist' team invited me to create this video course for you! It was a brand new experience for me, and I think it went very well, even better than I expected myself, and it has been a pleasure to hear from people who have already improved their vision from what they learned in this course.

Here are links to a few things I mentioned in today's final session:
Examples of Full Spectrum lamps.
New treatment for amblyopia using 3-D video technology.
For reading: my book - Read without Glasses at Any Age
and Dr. Ray Gottlieb's work - the Read Without Glasses Method
Dr. Bates' Medical Articles - for his research on the use of memory and imagination to improve eyesight.

Since completion of this course, the Eyeport I mentioned is now available again!!!
Also, since the course, my new book Optimal Eyesight has been published!

For those who bought the course, the sessions will remain avaiable for you to watch again at any time you wish to review the content. Use the links that were sent to you to access the recordings.

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