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Health care is self care

I used to believe that one diet would fit all, but I have since learned this is not true, and one diet may not fit for an entire life either. There is so much opposing health advice out there that it is impossible to find all answers in a book.

So my current advice is: learn to listen to your body's signals.

Similar to blurry vision, every ache and pain is a sign that tries to tell you something and encourages you to change. Figure out what makes you feel tired, achy and down, and figure out what makes you feel good, great, and joyful. Pay attention to such messages. Your body will guide you to optimal health if you take time to listen and respond.

I no longer follow a particular diet, I leave my self free to choose what feels right in that moment, and I adjust as needed from the signals I receive. The sites below have been helpful to me in the past, yet I don't necessarily subscribe to their beliefs any more. Stay free from dogma and follow your bliss...

Plus, as our health depends on our planet's health, I have included a few 'Positive Projects for Planet Earth' which I support and that you may also find of interest. Together we can make a difference.

Lastly, a few websites that are dear to my heart; worth taking a peek at... Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD, a Natural Hygiene doctor in Flemington, NJ. The True North Health Center in Penngrove, CA. This is a clinic specializing in supervised fasting, where I did my first water-only fast, for 11 days. It was a really good experience, my health greatly benefited from this fast. The National Health Association, based in Tampa, FL, publishes a good magazine about the science of health. Dr Doug Graham, DC, Natural Hygienic Practitioner. A healthy diet and lifestyle will rejuvenate your body and eyes. Steve Solomon from Tasmania has created a priceless website; required reading. Neat website about health crusader Bernarr Macfadden (1868 - 1955) who wrote the book "Strengthening the Eyes" in 1918, in co-authorship with Dr. Bates! Don Weaver, California. Don is a raw food Hygienist/ecologist urging us to remineralize our soils so our foods will contain the minerals and ALL essential nutrients for good vision and total health. Don provides 2 excellent free e-books! Don Bennett, DAS, Georgia. Don is a Disease Avoidance Specialist. 
Great site. Webster Kehr's site educates you about alternative cancer treatments.  Highly informative and a must read if you have been overwhelmed by your doctor's prognosis of doom. Gerry Coffey, Alabama.  Take a Coffey Break for Healthy Alternatives! Alternative health website offering a large variety of articles on improving health naturally.

Other Sites Related To A Natural Lifestyle Tom Brown's tracking, nature & wilderness survival school in New Jersey. Through Tom's classes and through 'Grandfather' I found my spiritual self. The difference that has made in my life is immense. 
Tracker school is simply amazing.
Ray on Facebook
Ray & Nancy Reitze's school of wilderness living. Canaan, ME.
Similar in philosophy to Tom Brown's Tracker school, but so much more personal; you won't regret signing up for any of Old Turtle's classes.
COTEF Children of the Earth Foundation. Tracker school for children. COTEF adventures gives children the experience of a lifetime.  They become at home in nature; a gift that carries through in their daily life with an increase in confidence and joy.   Watch the 12 minute intro video. Jen Deraspe's Nurture Through Nature, Denmark, ME.
Nurture Through Nature is a beautiful, off-the grid green retreat center. They offer space for holistic personal retreats, eco-cabin getaways, and workshops in yoga, meditation, as well as holistic coaching with the work of Byron Katie. Thomas J. Elpel's Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School in MT.
Great school, great teachings. I love Tom's storytelling page, just please don't read it all in one go, and remember to blink and breathe while you read ;-) Rawganique: Raw, Organic, Unique: for organic cotton clothing The World's largest, searchable database of eco-friendly products The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide

Smoking greatly interferes with night vision. If you want to quit smoking and need support, this organization is here to help you. Learn the truth about how the tobacco industry manipulates you.

Positive Projects for Planet Earth Sustainable Harvest International, an organization that deserves your support. SHI helps farmers in various nations to switch to organic sustainable agriculture.  "Planting Hope, Restoring Forests, Nourishing Communities."
Ancient Tree Archive Our Earth needs the ancient 'Archangel' trees, and I feel this ancient tree preservation project totally deserves attention and support.
Charity Water Charity Water is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.
Gorrilla Fund

These are just some examples. All of earth's plants and animals deserve our help and support, so if each of us picks one or two projects that speak to our heart and support them as best we can, we can help all species survive and thrive.

Worth taking a peek at...

The Sovereign's Way Understanding Law and the Nature of Society - Free PDF to download.
Interesting information that I've found helpful and freeing.
Inspirational insights from people who have had a near-death experience and lived to tell about it...

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