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Visions of Joy News is a newsletter about how you can keep or regain good eyesight through using the relaxation techniques of the Bates Method.
Each issue provides valuable tips on how to see better naturally, plus it informs you about upcoming vision improvement classes and events.

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2019 UPDATE: I will be sending a newsletter again once the new book is out! Don't worry, I haven't stopped teaching, I'm just a bit too busy right now...

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21 December 2016

Visions of Joy News!

- Welcome!
- Happy Birthday to Dr. Bates on Friday!
- Esther’s Updates
- Special news for vision teachers
- Congratulations!
- Bad diet can lead to blindness

WELCOME to those who receive Visions of Joy News for the first time! I hope you enjoy this somewhat irregular newsletter about natural eyesight improvement and that you will find it helpful on your personal path to clarity.

I like to send a newsletter on Dr. Bates' birthday, but as I will be traveling to Europe for Christmas you are receiving this a few days early. Now that my new book is closer to getting done I appreciate Dr. Bates' wisdom more and more as I keep digging back into his extensive written legacy. I expect a grand revival of the Bates method in my lifetime, so, watch this space!

I have traveled a lot this past year, which cut down on sending newsletters, but I expect next year you will hear from me a bit more often! You'll see the 2017 schedule is now up on my website.

The Optimist magazine with whom I made the online video course on 'How to improve your eyesight naturally' tells me it is their best-selling program, and they will be promoting it again in January 2017. It has been getting great reviews as many people find the advice provided to be very useful and applicable for their own vision. You can still get a 10% discount through my website until the Optimist tells me that code is no longer valid, so get it now...

For those of you who wonder what happened to Tom Quackenbush's website, Tom has retired and is taking time for himself after over 30 years of teaching the Bates method. I am grateful I trained with him and wish him all the best for the future.

The Teacher Training in Italy in July 2016 was a huge success and I'm receiving requests for more continuing education courses. I would love to teach this 5-day class in the USA in the coming year and an update regarding that will go out to current teachers on my list. If you would like to have a class in Europe again too, please email me.

Along with my dear colleague Rosemary Gaddum-Gordon, a new VETI (Vision Educators Training Institute) teacher certification training is being planned for 2018. This is a complete course for anyone interested in becoming a vision educator. If you want the best possible start in a rewarding new career, this course is for you! More information will be posted here in the new year.

People so often tell me of their wonderful vision progress that it is normal for me to hear about eyesight improving, but for many people it is not. So I will share a few recent stories from my students.

* Congratulations to Mariëlle in the Netherlands who took part in the video course I created this year. After watching 3 of the 4 sessions and practicing relaxed ways of seeing she wrote: "I already have some results from relaxing and trying not to stare etc. (start: 5 / 40 and two weeks later: 5 / 20 +3). Regards, Mariëlle C."
Mariëlle started the course with -2.00 diopters of myopia combined with -0.75 of astigmatism. The numbers she provides show that she more than doubled her vision acuity in just two weeks, a great result!

* Congratulations to Anne Olson in Oregon, USA, who took the email course this summer. She says:

"I have noticed a significant improvement in my distance vision in general. Improvement in my vision as measured by a vision chart has been slow but it is there! This is a great class with a lot of good content! A great compilation of Bates Methods activities and techniques combined with individualized attention from an experienced, warm, and thoughtful vision improvement instructor!"
Anne is in her late 60s, her eyes have been highly myopic (-8D) for most of her life and she had double vision. She also was dealing with cataract in one eye. Natural Vision lessons solved the double vision issue she had and during the 3 months she took for this email course her vision acuity significantly improved from right eye 5/100, left eye 5/200, to seeing 5/40 with each eye.

That’s why I love my work! These are just a few recent examples and, as you may know from previous newsletters, they are not the only success stories. Congratulations go to all my students, even if only for having an open mind and a willingness to try something different. Not everyone sees fast improvements, yet many benefits become evident over time, and every step is so worth-while. Keep enjoying your path to clarity!

A 14 year old boy in Perth, Australia, was going blind and a variety of local eye doctors and hospitals could not help him until his mother took him to a specialist in Sydney. The professor they met there had worked in Kenya and was familiar with symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency. As it turned out, the boy's problem was his fussy eating habits since age 5 - nothing except chicken, potatoes, dry bread and Coke - which had left him so malnourished he was going blind.
You can read the full story here.
Most diets are not that bad, yet many people have a hard time giving up one of the biggest nutritional roadblocks to good vision - an addiction to sugar and artificial sweeteners. In a recent class with a student in Wisconsin I explained that her sugar addiction did not need to be hard to overcome. She had tried to quit sugar in the past, had felt deprived, and failed to stick to her good intentions. There is an easy solution! I view the sugar issue this way:
Your body does need sugar, and a sugar craving is a built-in warning signal when you run low on this essential fuel. Yet what your body is truly asking for is sugar that comes with all the trimmings - a wholesome helping of vitamins and minerals - which are supposed to come along with the sugar! Fresh fruit is what your body truly craves; fruit is the original answer to a sugar craving. When you answer that craving with empty calories from refined sugars, you are starving your cells from what they were hoping to get, so you stay hungry for sweets, and you head for disaster instead of health. Once you switch to using fresh fruit whenever the sugar craving pops up, you are feeding your cells what they truly need - sugar and an impressive line-up of additional nutrients. When you choose fruit to satisfy the sugar craving you will soon find it easy to stay away from the artificial sweeteners, and you may find the cravings for sugar-laced junk foods become less and less as your body becomes truly nourished by the minerals and vitamins provided by fresh fruit.
With this point of view on the sugar issue my student has found new inspiration to overcome her sugar addiction. She finds switching to fruit makes total sense and she does not feel deprived this time around. I expect she will succeed and she will be able to maintain her steady progress to clear vision because she is now getting the nourishment her cells have been asking for.

If you are diabetic and have learned to 'fear' fruit, please first read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book "The End of Diabetes". My dear friend Bonnie recently switched to Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" diet and within a few weeks her doctor took her off insulin and within two months he declared she was completely cured from diabetes!

Thank you for reading Visions of Joy News, please share it with your friends!

I wish everyone happy and healthy holidays!
Enjoy your path to clarity.


Esther Joy van der Werf
Natural Eyesight Improvement  

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