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Travel Schedule

Not everyone can come to Visions Of Joy,
but sometimes Visions Of Joy can come to you!

I'm somewhat of a seasoned traveler, who tends to be on the road regularly to teach the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement. 
Who knows, there is a chance that I'm coming to/near your home-town one of these days.

Check the schedule below for my current travel plans and if you are along the route or within a reasonable distance from it and would like a natural vision class taught in your home-town, then please contact me!

2020 Travel Schedule
December 21, 2019- January 5, 2020
- Closed for the holidays.

20-24 February 2020 - First Latin American Holistic Vision Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

30 Sept - 4 October 2020 - Association of Vision Educators Conference, Litchfield, CT, USAt

17 October 2020 - Vision Fundamentals, Brunssum, Netherlands

24-25 October 2020 - Dymystifying Astigmatism - Workshop for Vision Educators, Paris, France

2021 Travel Schedule
End of October 2021 - International Holistic Vision Conference, Nimes, France

If you live in one of those many places that are currently not on my travel schedule, you may want to look into the option of taking lessons via e-mail,
taking the video course, or taking private lessons via Skype / Zoom.  

If you prefer to have me visit your location to teach a class, please contact me.


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