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Improve your vision and overcome the need for glasses or contacts while avoiding laser surgery

Group Classes

Do you wish you could see clearly without glasses or contacts?

Are you apprehensive of laser surgery on your eyes?

There IS a much better alternative ...

... Eye Education with Visions of Joy!

Much of the Bates Method covers the basic needs of your eyes which are useful for everybody to know, regardless of your current visual challenge. For that reason group classes are very effective. In one day a group class can take you a long way on your path to visual clarity, at a cheaper rate than private lessons. You will also benefit from other students' questions, things you might not have thought to ask yourself. You will meet people who are on the same path, which can provide support after the class. A private lesson after a group class is an ideal way to tailor what you learned to your specific needs so you make the fastest possible progress to natural clear vision.

In vision classes...

... you will learn how to use your eyes the way nature intended
... you will discover how to improve your visual clarity
... you are very likely to already see the first improvements!

No age limitations, no matter how bad or good your eyesight is now,
take this opportunity to open your eyes to a brighter world.
The only prerequisites are an open mind 
and a sincere desire to see clearly with your own eyes.

Minimum participation for a group class is 6 people.

Update: You can now also view the information provided in a typical group class on video, see the 4-part video course.


Vision Classes

Vision Fundamentals  

Know the eye-essentials!  
This is essential information on natural vision improvement.  
This class provides a basic understanding of the Bates Method. 
It covers the fundamentals of the method in theory and practice.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 50 Euros per person
Next class: 15 June 2024
Location: Brunssum, the Netherlands

15 June 2024 Group class sign-up information is here.

Note: If you wear contact lenses, you want to be able to take them out during the class.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: $40 per person
Next class: Saturday 3 August 2024, 10am-12:30pm
Location: Oak Park, CA

To register for the August 3rd class, call Deena at: (818) 309 8471

Note: If you wear contact lenses, you want to be able to take them out during the class.


"Esther Joy van der Werf is one of the most effective,
caring, and knowledgeable vision teachers I have met
in my 25 years of being an optometrist.
If you want to improve your vision, Take her class!!!"

Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac.
author of 'Greater Vision', 'Natural Eye Care'
and 'Beyond 3D: Magic Eye - Improve Your Vision'

Read Without Glasses

The essential information you need to easily read without glasses.
Practice all the techniques from the Read Without Glasses at Any Age book
and ask any questions you have about your near vision.
This class will help you regain and maintain good vision at the near point.
This class combines well with a level 1 vision fundamentals class.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: US$ 50 p.p.
Next class: To be arranged.


"I'm impressed.  The students loved your practical approach.  
You are one of only a few vision educators who 
really understand the Bates Method."

Samuel A. Berne, O.D.
author of Creating Your Personal Vision, a Mind-Body Guide for Better Eyesight

Group classes at your location

I am available to teach your group at your location.
* Two-hour Read Without Glasses
* Three-hour Vision Fundamentals, or
*  One-day seminars
(Pricing depends on location and group size.)

Please contact Visions Of Joy to make arrangements.
Also check the travel schedule to see if/when I may be near your home town.


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Vision Improvement Day

This one day class covers most aspects of the Bates Method.
It combines Vision Fundamentals with advanced practices.
Many students begin to see clearer during this day. 
You will know what it takes to get rid of your glasses.
You will learn the natural vision habits in depth, 
plus practice many vision accelerator tools.

Duration: 10am to 5pm

Next class: To be arranged
Location: To be arranged

Note: If you wear contact lenses, you want to be able to take them out during the class.

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