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Eyesight Improvement Books

There are many books available about eyesight improvement, some are better than others.  The following is a list of books that I like, starting with my own books and followed by my favorites.
Just because a book appears in this list does not mean I agree with all of its contents. Many books perpetuate common misunderstandings about the Bates Method, such as providing a variety of eye exercises, or promoting 'sketching' as a way of creating motion for the eyes and head. Both sketching and eye exercises tend to create more eyestrain, not less, so if you come across things that don't feel right to you, don't do them... Dr. Bates never promoted such strained practices and I recommend you avoid them too.

Some of these books are available directly from Visions of Joy, as indicated by the yellow highlightsAll prices are in US Dollars.
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Most of the other books are easy to purchase by clicking on its title, or by ordering from a local bookstore.
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Optimal Eyesight book cover Optimal Eyesight 
How to Restore and Retain Great Vision. 
by Esther Joy van der Werf. 
Foreword by Amelia Salvador, M.D.
(2019) ISBN 978-1-935894-21-6, 322 pages
Click here for more information!

Hardcover with color illustrations, US$39.50
Paperback with color illustrations, US$29.50 
Ebook PDF with color illustrations, 10 MB, US$19.00
Audiobook also available.

Add $6 shipping within USA for the paperback book, $7 for the hardcover.  
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They all sell the paperback with grayscale illustrations for US$27.50 or local currency equivalent.

Also see Esther's Author page on Amazon
Bulk order discounts available - please contact Esther.

Read without Glasses at Any Age book Read Without Glasses at Any Age 
The Natural Method to Near Vision Clarity. 
by Esther Joy van der Werf. 
Foreword by Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D.
(2013) ISBN 978-1-935894-08-7
Click here for more information and to read the book reviews!

Paperback with color illustrations, 170 pages, US$21.95.
E-book PDF with color illustrations, US$19.00
Leggere Senza Occhiali is the Italian edition of this book!

Add $6 shipping of the paperback within USA.   Order by making a donation here and then send a quick email stating that you are ordering the Read without Glasses book.  
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Bates Method Nuggets book Bates Method Nuggets 
The Fundamentals of Natural Vision Improvement by William H. Bates, M.D. 
Compiled by Esther Joy van der Werf. 
(2010) ISBN 978-1-935894-00-1
(2013) ISBN 978-1-935894-13-1

The golden nuggets of the Bates Method are the essential keys to improving your vision naturally.  All vital aspects of good eyesight are covered in logical order.  Simple one-page steps help you make steady progress on your path to visual clarity.  These are all the 'page 2' gems published each month in Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight magazines.  You get the very best of Dr. Bates' writings from the ten years after he wrote his book!

Paperback, 128 pages, US$15.00 
Add $5 shipping within USA. Order by making a donation here.  
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Bates Method Nuggets is also available as an e-book! (you save on postage)

Book Review by 'Marchnall' on Amazon:
"If you are looking for a book to give you an overview of the Bates method get this book. I read the book, Better Eyesight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates and like this book waaaay better than that one. Bates Method Nuggets is much easier to read and it goes over a ton of the exercises."

Testimonial received from a reader:
"Hey Esther, I thank you wholeheartedly for writing such an amazing and practical book (Bates Method Nuggets). It helped me A LOT. From 20/70 to 20/20."
from Shivendra in India

Also see Esther's Author page on Amazon.
Bulk order discounts available - please contact Esther.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses maroon cover book
Maroon cover

Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1920 book

Green cover

1940 dustjacket

Perfect Sight Without Glasses
by William H Bates, MD  (1920)
(Also known as The cure of imperfect sight by treatment without glasses)

Visions of Joy offers Dr. Bates' original 1920 book for free as an e-book! 
Download Perfect Sight Without Glasses now

In 1943, 12 years after Bates' death, his book was republished in an abridged version called: Better Eyesight Without Glasses.  Much of the original text was edited out, and therefore it simply is not as good as the original.  
You can read my comparison of the 1920 / 1940 / 1943 editions.

For Sale:  Would you like to own a rare copy of the original 1920 hardcover book Perfect Sight Without Glasses? - I currently have only one left. 

#1 has the maroon cover which is in very nice condition with minor scuff and wear mainly on the spine edges. The inside front cover has a label and incscription from Martha Feild Blair of Virginia to her grandson, dated October 1950. The pages are unmarked and clear with a minor moisture crease at the bottom margin, which does not affect the text. $75.

Add $5 shipping.

Inquire if interested

The rare 1940 edition is currently unavailable. This is the same as the 1920 original green cover book, with the addition of the "Crypt of Civilization" certificate in the front, and the extra end-chapter of 'Helpful Suggestions' with an eye-chart on page 310 as well.

Stories from the Clinic book

Stories from the Clinic 
by Emily C. Lierman. (1926)
Written by Dr. Bates' assistant (and later his wife), this is another excellent book that vividly describes Emily's experiences in helping people regain perfect sight.  This book is also very useful for parents wanting to help their children.
It is out of print and very hard to find.  However, you can read it here!

Reprints by Dr. W.H. Bates

by W.H. Bates, M.D.
From the intro page: "The following are reprints from articles which appeared in the various medical journals from time to time. They explain the cause and cure of various defects with illustrations and instructions."
(published in 1922 / 1923 ?)
This paperback booklet contains 14 articles published by Dr. W.H. Bates and one by Dr. C.S. Price. It is out of print and the original is extremely rare.  However, you can buy Esther's collection of 30 of Dr. Bates' articles!

Better Eyesight book

Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates *
edited by Thomas R Quackenbush.
(2001) ISBN 1-55643-351-4

Dr. Bates published his Better Eyesight magazines from 1919 to 1930, and those have been compiled into this one book. This is extremely interesting and inspiring material.
Note: This book does not contain the complete text of the magazines; a large amount of editing was done.  To read the truly complete and unedited version, get the magazine collection below in PDF format.

Get the
unedited and truly complete collection of Better Eyesight magazines; Now available from Visions of Joy in searchable PDF format, for teachers and students who want it all!
Free Your Mind by Gary Gunter & Gloria Ginn Free Your Mind to Improve Your Eyesight *
by Gary Gunter, compiled by Gloria Ginn (2020)  
Valuable material for current Bates Method teachers and anyone seriously interested in Dr. Bates' work, this book is a compilation of advice by Gary Gunter, speaking at the monthly Bates-Corbett teacher training meetings held in Los Angeles, California, from 1954 to 1967.
Gary emphasizes the mental side of seeing, and mimimizes eye exercises or drills. Very worthwhile.
Gloria Ginn IYE Shifting Improve Your Eyesight - Get your eyes shifting again *
by Gloria Ginn (2021)  
The first of Gloria's official training manuals to become available in print. Gloria's books represent more than four decades of experience in teaching the Bates Method, and I recommend her work highly.
Super Sight Papers The Super Sight Papers *
by Gloria Ginn (2022)  
Both hilarious and deeply insightful. Plenty of food for thought to reflect on the differences between how people with great sight use their eyes as compared to those who live in a blurry world.
Help yourself to better sight Help Yourself to Better Sight  *
by Margaret Darst Corbett (1949, 1972 reprint)  
Margaret studied with Dr. Bates, and was an excellent natural vision teacher herself.  
To help master the Bates method, read all 3 of Corbett's books.
Quick Guide to Better Vision book Quick Guide to Better Vision *
by Margaret Darst Corbett (1957, paperback)
My favorite of Margaret's three books, this book is really useful.

how to improve your eyesight How to Improve your Eyeshow to improve  your sight
by Margaret Darst Corbett (1938)
Margaret Corbett's first book (pictured on right).  
This first edition is hard to find.

How to Improve your Sight
(This is the 1953 revised edition, shown on left)

Better Vision Now Better Vision Now: Improve Your Sight with the Renowned Bates Method
by Clara Hackett with Lawrence Galton*
(2006) ISBN 0-486-45253-0 
Relax and See from 1955 was out of print and extremely hard to find. It has been republished in this paperback format.  It remains one of the better books on vision improvement.  
It has been given a new title, but the content is unabridged.
Use your own Eyes book Use Your Own Eyes by W.B. MacCracken, MD. (1937)
Normal Sight without Glasses  (1945, this is a revised version of "Use your own eyes")
These are excellent books, but are rarely found in second hand bookstores.  The good news is that you can download "Use Your Own Eyes" here for FREE!  
sight without glasses Sight Without Glasses  *
by Dr. Harold M Peppard (1936).  
Dr. Peppard studied with Dr. Bates himself and had a good understanding of the Bates Method.

Relearning to See

Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight -- Naturally! *
by Thomas R Quackenbush.
(1997) ISBN 1-55643-341-7

This is the book that got me started, it virtually is an encyclopedia (506 pages) on natural eyesight. Especially parts 3 and 4 will be useful for those new to NEI. Skip his advice on sketching and the nose-pencil.

I See Clearly book I See Clearly by Orit Kruglanski *

Orit Kruglanski's colorful picture book for children, giving tips and guidance for teaching easy and fun games to relax the eyes.
Available through or buy a nicer quality print here.
(Original in Spanish - "Veo Bien" - ISBN: 978-84-17190-57-6)

(Also read Emily Lierman's book, Stories from the Clinic, see above.)
Play your way to better eyesight

Play your way to better eyesgiht by Orit Kruglanski *

Orit Kruglanski's guide for parents who want to help their child see better.
This book helps parents understand what natural eyesight improvement is, and why a playful, curious mindset is an essential part of it.

Natural Vision Improvement Natural Vision Improvement *
by Janet Goodrich, PhD
(1985) ISBN 0-89087-471-9

Wonderful book.  
The Art of Seeing The Art of Seeing *
by Aldous Huxley
(1942) ISBN 0-916870-48-0

Aldous Huxley was near blind when he learned about natural vision improvement. 
An easy to read, good book.
new techniques of vision improvement New Techniques of Vision Improvement *
A unique synthesis of vision training techniques from William H. Bates and methods of deep emotional release rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich.
by Charles R. Kelley  (1971) 

Charles Kelley learned how to improve his vision from Margaret Corbett.  He became a teacher of the Bates method and linked Bates work to Reich work.  Worth studying!
Here is a free download of this book.
More books by Charles Kelley are available from
your innate power

Your Innate Power
by Olive Lyle Brown (1967)

Olive Brown combines the Bates Method, Alexander Technique and Vittoz Method. An excellent and valuable book that you'll enjoy reading more than once!

Better sight without glasses Better Sight Without Glasses *
by Harry Benjamin (1929)
improve your vision Improve Your Vision *
by Martin Brofman (2004)
Your Inner Guide to Clearer Vision
Improve your eyesight Improve Your Eyesight *
by Jonathan Barnes (1987)
a Guide to the Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses
The Bates Method The Bates Method  *
by Peter Mansfield (1992)  
Take off your glasses and see Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight *
by Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD
(1995) ISBN 0-517-88604-9
Simply a 'must read'
improve your eyesight naturally Improve your Eyesight Naturally *
by Leo Angart
(2005) ISBN 3-937553-08-8

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Have a look at our Bates Method e-books and vision articles.  
Some can be downloaded for free!

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Alternative Medicine
Vision Books

Macular Degeneration book

Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent and Treat Macular Degeneration *
by Chris Knobbe, M.D. 
(2016) ISBN 978-1734071702

Healthy Vision *
by Neal Adams, M.D. 
(2014) ISBN 978-1-4930-0607-6

Great book that covers nutritional aspects of vision, specifically for Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmenosa, Diabetic Retinopahty, Macular Edema, Glacuoma, Cataracts and Dry Eyes.  Includes lists of important nutrients and their food sources, as Dr. Adams recommends getting your nutrients from foods, not supplements.
Greater Vision book Greater Vision *
by Marc Grossman, O..D, L.Ac., and Vinton McCabe, NVE 
(2001) ISBN 0-658-00643-6

This includes homeopathy, Chinese medicine, and the spiritual side of vision.  
naturaleyecare2018 Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing  *
by Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., and Michael Edson, M.S., L.Ac.

An 800 page book that includes extensive information on alternative healing modalities for 48 eye diseases.
Special Offer: Get 10% off when you buy this book from and use discount code NEC101. Eenter the code in their check-out page then hit Apply to get the 10% discount

Cataract Glaucoma prevention and cure

Cataract, glaucoma and other eye disorders; Prevention and cure with proven natural methods *
by John H Tobe (1973)
smartmedicine Smart Medicine for your Eyes *
by Jeffrey Anshel, O.D.
(2011) ISBN 978-0757003011

This book is an A-to-Z guide to eye disorders and their conventional and alternative treatments

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Sunlight Books

Bates Method View of Sunlight book

The Bates Method View of Sunlight
Compiled by Esther Joy van der Werf
(2022) ISBN 978-1-935894-26-1

Dr. Bates' writings on the benefits and use of sunlight for eye health, all in one little e-book.
PDF file, 65 pages, US$10

Chasing the Sun Chasing the Sun. The new science of sunlight and how it shapes our bodies and minds *
by Linda Geddes
(2019) ISBN 978-1-78125-832-3

Fantastic book on the benefits of sunlight
Embrace the Sun *
by Marc B. Sorenson, Ed. D. and William B. Grant, Ph.D.
(2018) ISBN 978-0692076002

Excellent book about the sun's influence on our health and wellbeing, and an extensive resource on the benefits of obtaining vitamin D from the sun. A must read.
Ligth Medicine of the Future Light: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW
by Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD *
(1991) ISBN 1-879181-01-0

About syntonics, light color therapy, and the benefits of sunlight
sunlihgt could save your life Sunlight Could Save Your Life *
by Zane R. Kime, MD, MS
(1980) ISBN 0-9604268-0-9

Dr. Kime gives the best explanation I've ever found on the effects of sunlight on our health. This book, along with John Ott's books, will give you a new appreciation for our sun!
Light Radiation and You

Light, Radiation, and You: How to Stay Healthy *
by John Ott, ScD Hon
(1982) ISBN 0-8159-6121-9

John Ott discovered that health (and vision) problems arise when we don't get enough full spectrum light from the sun. Very interesting material.

Health and Light Health and Light: The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things *
by John Ott, ScD Hon
(1973) ISBN 0-671-47433-2

This timeless book takes the mystery out of UV rays and makes sense of the contradictory messages which abound in the media today about whether or not sunlight is good for you. Includes examples of people healing eye problems such as Grave's disease.
Exploring the Spectrum video

Exploring the spectrum (DVD) *

This video shows the work done by John Ott; his time-lapse photography and his discoveries of how sunlight affects the health of plants as well as humans.
A must see!!! Highly educational.
Here is an excellent 8 minute preview of the video on youtube
And here, for free, is the Exploring the Spectrum video on youtube!

the healing sun

The Healing Sun *
by Richard Hobday
(1999) ISBN 1 899171 97 5

This book is about Sunlight and Health.  I met Richard Hobday at a Bates Method conference in London, and really like his work.  Richard brings the work of John Ott and Zane Kime into the 21st century.

the light revolution

The Light Revolution *
by Richard Hobday
(2006) ISBN 978 1 84409 087 7

About Health Architecture and the Sun; an important topic that is well worth your time.

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Vision Related Books

Brain Gym

Brain Gym (Teachers Edition: Revised)*
by Paul E Dennison and Gail E Dennison
(1992) ISBN 0942143051

Great material for dyslexic people.
Also check Paul's books Switching on: The Whole Brain Answer to Dyslexia and Vision Gym: Playful Movements for Natural Seeing

the body has its reasons

The Body has its Reasons (*
by Therese Bertherat and Carol Bernstein
(1977) ISBN 0 394 41134 X

A book about increasing body awareness and improving posture without 'exercises'!  Although learning practical skills is best done in person rather than from a book, this book will certainly point you in the right direction.  It is based on the Mezieres method, which combines very well with the Alexander Technique and/or Feldenkrais work.
This method can be a major aid to clearing your vision, as you learn how to recognize and release chronic tensions in your entire body.  

The End of Diabetes *
by Joel Fuhrman
(2014) ISBN 978-0062219985

For healthy eyes, a healthy diet is extremely helpful. Those with diabetes know how diet can negatively affect their sight. This book may help you find the answers you need to change this problem around. My best friend Bonnie switched to Dr. Fuhrman's 'Eat to Live' diet and overcame her diabetes within two months. No more insulin! Her doctor declared her to no longer be diabetic. Wow! Your body and eyes deserve this chance too...

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Breathing Development Books

Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing

Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing *
by Michael Grant White
(2003) ISBN 1-883417-38-4, available from The Breathing Store

The art and science of improved respiration without drugs or surgery. Valuable information.

Free Your Breath Free Your Life Free Your Breath, Free Your Life: How Conscious Breathing Can Relieve Stress, Increase Vitality, and Help You Live More Fully *
by Dennis Lewis (
(2004) ISBN 1-59030-133-1

How conscious breathing can relieve stress, increase vitality, and help you live more fully. Great little book, lots of exercises to get you started. Dennis also wrote The Tao of Natural Breathing (affiliate link)
Ways to Better Breathing Ways to Better Breathing *
by Carola Speads
(1978/1992) ISBN 0-89281-397-0
Breathe Well Be Well Breathe Well, Be Well: A Program to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Asthma, Hypertension, Migraine, and Other Disorders for Better Health
by Robert Fried, PhD *
(1999) ISBN 0-471-32436-1

Bob is a professor of Biopsychology and an expert on breathing physiology. He is Director of the Stress and Biofeedback Clinic of the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in New York City. His book answers many questions about the science of breathing.
perceptible breath The Perceptible Breath - A Breathing Science *
by Ilse Middendorf  (1990)
Dr Breath Dr. Breath: The Story of Breathing Coordination *
by Carl Stough  (1970)
No longer in print, some (usually expensive) hardback copies are available second hand.   
It's definitely an inspirational story, yet it does not provide much practical information.  
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Vision books, other languages

nederlandse vlag  Kijk op de Nederlandstalige boeken lijst.
italian flag Various Bates Method books in Italian can be found here:

Translations of books by:

Visión Óptima (2023, Spanish) is available from and
Leggere Senza Occhiali (2018, Italian) is available
from and

- Perfect Sight Without Glasses
(1920) and/or the 1943 version Better Eyesight Without Glasses has been translated into many languages and is probably available in most countries.

-  Vea mas sin anteojos
,  (1990, translation of Quick Guide To Better Vision)
Curacion de la Vista, (1990)
Yoga des yeux (1979)
-  Besser Sehen, Selbsthilfe gegen Sehfehler
, (translated by Femina von Werz, 1955, 1999)
Augentraining,  (Help Yourself to Better Sight, translated by Femina von Werz, 1973)
-  Vedere meglio senza occhiali

- Spielend besser sehen fuer Kinder
- Bien Voir sans Lunettes (ISBN 9782904082399)

Vergiss deine Brille (Translation of Improve your Eyesight Naturally)
Gesund am Computer (2005)

Suggestions of natural vision books to add to this list are welcome!

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