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Ongoing: The class schedule is frequently updated, and minor changes are being made on a regular basis without being recorded here.  Major changes are listed below, starting with the most recent.

August 2023
- The Spanish translation of Optimal Eyesight is now for sale! Visión Óptima is available as paperback book via Amazon and as PDF ebook from this website.

January 2023
As of January 1st, Visions of Joy is a Faith based Private Membership Association. It's been 21 years since Visions of Joy was born in the desert of Arizona during a Vision Quest (see the January 2002 entry below) and this official change simply represents what it always already was, but I didn't know how to express. Now I do. Thanks to those who helped me get to this point. It's a true blessing to continue this beautiful work.
- The Better Eyesight podcast continues with a new episode published on the first of each month

December 2022
- Added Vision of Joy's new Odysee video channel as an alternative / back-up to Youtube.

October 2022
- New video interview with Esther on the topic of Fear of Sunlight - is it valid or misguided?
New addition to the Bates Method View of-series of ebooks: The Bates Method View of Sunlight is now available.

July 2022
New addition to the Bates Method View of-series of ebooks: The Bates Method View of Retinal Detachment is now available.
- The Better Eyesight Podcast is now in its 4th year! Tune in each month for Dr. Bates' personal tips on improving eyesight naturally.

December 2020
Optimal Eyesight is now available in audiobook and kindle format!

October 2020
- Release of "Vision 2020 - from Eyesight to Insight." A documentary about the work of natural vision educators. Esther is one of the teachers interviewed.

May 2020
- Go listen to this great interview of Esther by Lucas of QuaxPodcast.

November 2019
You can listen to a 1-hour interview by Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network.

September 2019
My new book Optimal Eyesight is published!!! The best book you've ever read on the Bates Method; the most practical advice and easy to follow instructions - I know you will love it!

July 2019
- Start of an 11-year project: The Better Eyesight Podcast! Tune in each month for Dr. Bates' personal tips on improving eyesight naturally.

April 2018
- I was interviewed on the topic of astigmatism by my colleague Nathan Oxenfeld.
You can watch it on Visions of Joy's youtube channel.

January 2018
The Bates Method View series of e-books has a new member! The Bates Method View of Strabismus / Squint is now ready for those who wish to help themselves, their child or their student overcome the problems of a turning eye, using Dr. Bates' purely natural methods.
- Leggere Senza Occhiali is now in its second edition with an improved translation.

October 2016
- The Video Course is available again! Payment issues with the Optimist magazine have been resolved and I'm glad I can now offer this great course to you again.

February 2016
Now that the video course has been completed, its page has been updated.

January 2016
- I am recording a brand new video course on natural eyesight improvement! You can join me live or watch the videos later at your own convenience.

December 2015
Celebrating Dr. Bates' birthday with another newsletter
Esther's article published in Best Self magazine: Re-Vision: Natural Vision Correction.

October 2015
Teaching schedule for 2016 is already available.

September 2015
Planning a brand new online video course for January/February 2016!

August 2015
Finally, the subscribe/unsubscribe for the newsletter has been automated, yay!!!

July 2015
A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted.

May 2015
I'm proud to have organized my first ever professional conference for the AVE!!
The Italian translation of Read Without Glasses is for sale on Amazon! Leggere Senze Occhiali

March 2015
- The Italian translation of Read Without Glasses at Any Age (Leggere Senza Occhiali) has gone to the printer and will be available soon!

Jaunary 2015
- Addition of Robert Lichtman's article: Myopia as an Adaptation.

December 2014
- The schedule for 2015 is available here.
A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted to celebrate Dr. Bates' birthday.

November 2014
Information for the AVE 2nd Professional Conference in May 2015 is now available.

July 2014
A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted, both in English and in Dutch

April 2014
Dr. Bates' collection of 30 medical articles (1886-1923) is now available.
Added a new page to explain the difference between the Bates method and Eye exercises.
- A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted

February 2014
- Boomerang Bounce Balls have been added to the Vision Aids page.
- I have added a page specifically for parents and teachers who wish to help children avoid glasses and improve vision naturally
- A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted
Palming supports are now available for sale
Seven clips plus the recent TV interview have been added to Visions of Joy's youtube channel

January 2014
- A half hour TV interview with Esther on LA Talk Live / Here's to Your Health!
- A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted

December 2013
Bates Method Nuggets is now also available from
- Visions of Joy now has a brand new youtube channel, with clips from the TV interview.

November 2013
- Watch a half hour TV interview with Esther on LA Talk Live / The Book Beat!
The 2014 schedule and travel schedule have been posted

August 2013
- Visions of Joy proudly presents the new book Read Without Glasses at Any Age!
- New article about smart phones causing higher rates of myopia in children and young adults.

May 2013
- A new page for a new book! Read Without Glasses at Any Age will be published soon!

April 2012
Two new e-books in the series 'Bates Method View of...'; now available on the topics of Nystagmus and Retinitis Pigmentosa!

January 2012
- Added a new article for free download: "Seeing Space" by Antonia Orfield O.D. (1994). In it Antonia writes about overcoming her own -4 D myopia.

December 2011
- I have started a new Facebook page dedicated to the Bates Method. I'll be posting quotes from Dr. Bates on a regular basis. Become a fan to encourage me!
- A new issue of Visions of Joy News has been posted, both in English and in Dutch!

November 2011
After attending the International Holisitc Vision Conference in Italy I have added various vision teachers and optometrists on the links page.

23 December 2010
- This is Dr. Bates' 150th birthday!!!

November 2010
- Added a page with information about lectures and workshops I've given at conferences.

October 2010
The new Bates book in Dutch has been published!  "Natuurlijk Zien en de Bates Methode" is now available both as e-book and in print. 

September 2010
- A new video interview has been added on the interviews page!  Have a look - Russ from asks good questions at the recent Raw Health Expo in Sebastopol!
- The current issue of Visions of Joy News is available, celebrating Emily Bates' 130th birthday.

July 2010
- The new book is available in paperback!  - Bates Method Nuggets.  The golden nuggets of the Bates Method compiled into one easy to read book.  These are the 'page 2' gems that appeared in Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight magazine every month for 11 years.  Worth its weight in gold!  :-)  (Yes, I am biased...)

April 2010
My new e-book 'Bates Method Nuggets', brings together the 'golden nuggets' of the Bates Method for both newcomers and long-time Bates fans.  (This also caused a re-arrangement of various pages.)
-  Upon return from the International Congress of Behavioral Optometrists (ICBO), and having made new friends there, I added a section for Behavioral Optometrists on the Links page.  

March 2010
-  Added the recording of the Radio interview for Solutions to Aging about Restoring your Vision with Natural Eyesight Improvement.

February 2010
Added a new page about Bates' 1920 book Perfect Sight Without Glasses
- Created a separate page for Articles, so they are no longer rooming with Interviews.  Also added a previously unpublished article written in 2008.

January 2010
Added a new page with Vision Aids, which now includes full spectrum lamps and sunning lamps in addition to the various others vision improvement products that were already on offer.
I finally gave in to peer pressure ...  Visions of Joy joined Facebook and Twitter.  

November 2009
Esther's presentation at the 22nd International Holistic Vision Conference in Spa, Belgium, was very well received.

September 2009
Does being on mean that I'm becoming famous???  Nah...   :-)  Have a look!

September 2008
Visions of Joy received a great review in the editorial of the September/October issue of 'Networking Times'!!  You can read it here.
A newsletter in Dutch:  Ook een nederlandstalige nieuwsbrief is nu van start gegaan, kijk hier! 

August 2008
Listen to a one hour radio interview with Esther on her work as Natural Vision Educator.

June 2008
- The first video testimonial (.mwv) can now be seen on this site, this is an exciting new development in my web career. :-)   
-  I'm on a roll!  Here is a 29 minute radio interview (.mp3) that was recorded in November 2005 and made available in January 2006 for 'Best Day Ever'.   
A new look for Visions of Joy!  It is now easier to navigate the site with the new menu-bar at the left.

May 2008
Visions of Joy News (my irregular newsletter which made its debut in April), now has its own page.

March 2008
A new book is available for schoolteachers!  'Eye Education In Our Schools' aims to bring the Bates Method back into our schools, where it belongs and can be of greatest benefit.
Listen to a one hour radio interview with Esther on her work as Natural Vision Educator.

February 2008
The entire collection of Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight Magazines is now available!  Unedited, Searchable PDF format, Educational and Hugely Inspirational.  If you really want to know the Bates Method, this collection is a must have.

Summer 2007
New e-books are becoming available on specific vision problems, such as e-books on Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Floaters.  I'm gathering Dr Bates' best writings on each subject, and one by one they are becoming available for easy purchase.  

1 March 2007
- Some of the best books and articles on improving eyesight naturally can now be downloaded.

2 January 2007
- New for 2007: The 6-week course is available via e-mail!

October 2006
- A new 'sunny look', an updated FAQ page, more books added, and many small changes throughout.  Lots of work is going on behind the scenes; the six-week course will soon be offered in an e-mail version.

25 July 2005
The Vision Educators links page has been made easier to browse; teachers are now listed by area.

1 July 2004
- Added a photo of Dr Bates to the See Better Naturally page.  Many thanks to Jean Philippe Marie Dit Moisson, a colleague Bates teacher in France who forwarded it to me.  It is copied from Dr. R.A. Richardson's book: Increasing the Strength of the Eyes and the Eye Muscles Without the Aid of Glasses (1925).

18 June 2004
- Addition of In the News page.  Your input here is most welcome, feel free to submit articles by e-mail

9 December 2003
- Additional links in the Laser Surgery section.  Please DO read these if you are considering laser surgery!!

2002 - 2003
Visions of Joy grows slowly but surely, as and when available time and inspiration happen to coincide.

1 September 2002
- Visions of Joy appears on the world wide web, weighing in at a grand 5 pages...  It was created with lots of technical support from a couple of web-savvy friends; Charan van Tijn in the Netherlands and Don Bennett in the USA.  Thankfully they both are the type of dear friend who says: "learn to do it yourself!" and then proceeds to show me how.  The result is this extensive website that you are viewing today.  Many thanks guys; your friendship and love and continued technical support are priceless!

30 January 2002
- 'Birth' of Visions of Joy during a Vision Quest in Arizona. I'd been on a spiritual path for 4 years but needed answers to some burning questions, like: where should I settle down, who with, and what is my purpose, my mission? I felt I was at a critical point in my life, I hadn't done much with what I had learned, and I needed to reconnect with my inner vision and with God. So I hiked into the Superstition Wilderness, north of Superior, AZ, and spent a few days and nights on my own out in nature. I woke up to snow on the Wednesday morning, and by the end of that day I had been given the name "Visions of Joy" for my work. That seemed extremely fitting. The fact that Creator/God/Universe (or whichever term you prefer) thought it important enough to give my work a name, felt to me like a much-needed 'kick in the butt' to better focus in my life, and take my mission seriously (as well as joyfully) - to provide guidance to those who need help on their path to clear eyesight.

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