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Perfect Vision...
is an optical illusion

optical illusion image of rotating circles
Copyright Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Although the image above appears to be moving, it is static ...
... your brain is doing the moving!

Isn't this FUN ?!?!!

To explain what's happening here;
it's a healthy sign when you see the movement!

Seeing the circles move means your eyes are relaxed and happily moving too.
If you stare at this picture, (i.e. your eyes stop moving and you don't blink)
then the circle movement will stop and pretty soon the picture will go blurry.
That's a strain for your eyes and not recommended other than briefly to
verify it for yourself.

Notice that when you truly look at it in a relaxed way,
allowing the eyelids to softly blink, then the exact area where you are
looking (small center part of your field of vision) doesn't turn, but
all the circles in your peripheral vision are merrily doing their circle dance.

You'll see most movement when you allow your attention to
continuously and smoothly glide over the image.

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optical illusion text image

Here's an illusion of a different kind...

Select a card and concentrate on it.

5 playing cards

jumping dolphin click when ready

Click on the dolphin when you are ready.


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