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Some of the best books and articles 
on how to improve eyesight
are available right here!

Some truly inspirational books and articles have been gathered here for your benefit.  These materials are among the very best writings to be found on the subject of improving eyesight in a natural way.  They will help you on your path to clarity.  Your vision may improve just from reading these texts and applying what you are learning!  
These days the old books are often hard or impossible to find in bookstores, and they can be very expensive when you do find a copy.  Now 2 of the key books are offered here for free.

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FREE E-BOOK: Perfect Sight Without Glasses - W.H. Bates M.D.  
The original 1920 Bates book
(Prefer to read from paper?  I may have an original first edition hardcover book available here.)

FREE E-BOOK: Use Your Own Eyes - W.B. MacCracken M.D.  
1937.  An excellent book.

FREE: A Clinical and Experimental Study of Physiological Optics  
- W.H. Bates M.D.  
This July 1921 article from the American Journal of Clinical Medicine is
a great introduction  to Dr. Bates and his theories, and ought to be
recommended reading for all eye doctors.
(The images are of poor quality, but the text more than makes up for that!)

FREE: Bye Bye Presbyopia Chart - Ray Gottlieb O.D.
Ray's chart has helped many people (including himself) overcome presbyopia.   Instructions on use are included.

FREE: Approaching Myopia Holistically: A Case Study and Theoretical Exploration - Anna Bambridge M.A., M.Phil.  2002.  
(Anna's website has more of her writings.)

FREE: Seeing Space - Antonia Orfield, M.A., O.D..  1994.  
Antonia Orfield became an optometrist after overcoming -4 myopia.
In this article she describes how she improved her vision.

FREE: The Visions of Joy Eye-Chart to hang up in your home or office. 
Eye-charts tend to mainly be associated with vision acuity tests, 
yet they are even more useful as a tool to improve vision.  

Instructions for optimal use of eye-charts
will be sent in return for a donation of $5 or more
FREE:  More articles, some by Esther Joy van der Werf, are here. .
You can also listen to Esther's radio interviews and see Esther on YouTube!


NOTE:  More excellent e-books on the Bates Method 
published by Visions of Joy are available here!

Also check out our newly published paperback book:
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and our 'best of Bates' collection:
Bates Method Nuggets

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