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So here's the small print to test your vision on...

disclaimerFor educational purposes only
All the information posted on this website and the opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the author. This information, offered in the public realm, is provided for your educational purposes only. Services and courses offered by Visions of Joy are offered in the private realm, as part of your membership in the Faith-based Private Health Association (free lifetime membership).  The information and products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose or treat any eye or lung disease, nor are they intended to prevent or help cure any eye or lung disease, although they may.  The reader would be wise to question and verify everything for him or her self.  I am not an eye physician, nor am I licensed to treat any conditions of the eye.  I'm also not a respiratory therapist, nor am I licensed to diagnose any conditions of the lungs.  In the United States of America only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice.  Please consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.

Health assurance

Based on my experiences, it is my opinion and my firmly held belief that living in harmony with nature is a path towards restoring and maintaining good health, and is a way to live to your health and longevity potentials.
I also believe that a healthful, natural lifestyle is the most effective preventative measure for maintaining vibrant health and avoiding disease, and that it is the best 'health assurance' any one can have.  I do not purport to cure disease.  I believe only a properly nourished body that is still capable of healing can cure disease.  I am not offering or dispensing 'medical advice'.

(Are you still breathing and blinking?  Good, read on...)

Your rights
It is your right to use the products and information contained on this website, in any of the books mentioned here, or from any of the other websites mentioned here, without the approval of anyone but yourself, assuming you are of the "age of consent", and that you have not signed away this right knowingly and willingly via a legal document.
Obviously the use of the products and information is at your own risk, but their use may be to your benefit as well.
While it is the purpose of this information and these products to improve quality of life and health, there may be aspects of your health that could be adversely affected by use of this information or these products.  Every attempt has been made to post warnings where the information provided or a product may adversely affect your health, but use common sense if you are taking any medications which may interact with any of the information or products offered on this website, or if you have any conditions which may be adversely affected.

(Now here's the part lawyers insist we include.)  The Natural Vision Education services that are provided by Esther Joy van der Werf are not licensed by the State of California.  Neither Visions of Joy, Esther Joy van der Werf, nor any third party involved in the creation, support, maintenance, or providing of this website, will be liable under any theory for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of, this website.

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