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Improve Your Breathing

Breathing Development

Private Sessions on Breathing Development

Discover your breathing patterns and learn techniques to develop your breathing so it becomes optimal and effortlessly deep.

Cost: $120 per hour.

LOCATION: Ojai, California.
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Please contact Visions Of Joy for an appointment.

Testimonials received after Breathing Development lessons:

[During your workshop] I learnt what I had been looking for for some time, ever since I went to Tom Q.
I really feel that you took out the 'blur' from breathing!!!!, at least for me.
The lungs/diaphragm thing and your clear explanation of the process were one of the keys, another being that exhaling occurs when we speak. Wow, never thought of that before. It's so simple to understand though.
Clarity of mind is clarity of sight. Well, breathing  becomes clear. And I look forward to explaining it in a clearer way to my students.  I'm very grateful to you.  
Ani Bohen, France (Ani's website)
You were really helpful to me.  My breathing is so much better.  I hiked Mount Whitney!  My heart did not pound so hard, I was not as slow, and did not need to stop as often - it was awesome.  I can keep going now without stopping to catch my breath.  Thank you so much!  
Margaret F. (age 65), Los Angeles, California

Well...I know it's a little early on in the process to get too excited, but I finally started doing the ten count method four days ago and can already tell a difference. It isn't a perfect, linear improvement; stressful days at work (or playing poker for 5 straight hours and losing money:(  will definitely take it's toll on your breathing. 
Overall, it has opened my eyes to my bad breathing habits...I hold my breath a LOT, and I think I sacrifice mental clarity and emotional stability by doing so.
Remember when I described how I freaked out during the straw exercise? I did it again the other day after doing the count for 20 minutes straight, and didn't feel short of breath at all...great.
I know the results are going to take time, though. But the key is that I have a positive EMOTIONAL connection with doing the exercises: experiencing the difference in the way that I breathe afterwards, small though it is, will ensure that I make a habit out of it  :)

I will keep you posted. Thanks for everything. I really feel that my breathing problems have given me that "Killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer feeling."

Chip H, New York, New York

I have been doing my Stough exercises for 10 minutes, between every other day and every day.  These days, I start out at about low forties and end up in the fifties, which is obviously a significant improvement from the low teens I was reaching at Esalen. Pretty exciting. It really enables you to be more present.
Chip H, New York, New York

I just wanted to keep you posted on how things have been. I definitely notice that during times of stress, my breathing gets shallow and "higher."  I can't get over how amazing your breathing was.  The more time that goes by, the more aware I become of the connection between a relaxed, limber body, a solid breathing foundation, and a calm, clear mind.
Chip H, New York, New York

My breathing became so much easier,  Wow! I have more space in upper chest.  It opened the chest majorly, and opened the sides up; the sides feel huge, nice.   I had a nice increase in lung volume, 4250 on Voldyne, which is a quarter liter more than before.  I'm very happy, thanks!
Marjukka M, Mount Shasta, California
Feels like I now use all of my body to breathe with!
Adele S, New Paltz, New York
Your session with me 10 months ago has made an enormous difference.  I was at 40% lung volume at that time and could not walk upstairs without sounding like I had just ran a marathon.  Your techniques increased my lung volume to 50% and it has held steady there, making breathing so much easier, and climbing stairs is possible again.  Thank you so much, I hope to see you next time you're in this area.
Gladys B, Berkeley, California
My aim was to improve/keep breathing during tense/critical moments.  After the session my posture has felt better, where it should be.  My breathing is more open up high, easier and more volume, it goes up to the sinuses better.
I think that my Pilates training has been confusing my breathing pattern.  Also, it's to do with the pecking order.  If you're on top of the pack you get to breathe freely.  If you're wanting to hide behind others, have less confidence, that equals less 'entitlement' to breathe, therefore shallower breathing, and constriction.  So opening up the breathing gives me
more self-confidence. 
Craig H, Salt Point, New York
COOL!; feels like I'm breathing in all of the lung now instead of a quarter lung.
Cynthia C, Steuben, Maine  
(Cynthia has asthma and had a very shallow breathing pattern ~ EJvdW)
There's a noticeable difference.  It feels better and lighter; it's easier to breathe into the belly, a definite improvement.
Lisa S, Accord, New York
Last month when I first learned your breathing techniques I couldn't feel my back move when breathing, now it moves fine.  I've been practicing the number count and have improved a lot, from 60 to usually 150.  I'm able to breathe deeper without my shoulders moving up.  I've started sleeping on my back, which has made a big difference, I no longer have a tight feeling in my chest when I wake up, nor any shoulder pain.  I'm happy with my new breathing awareness.
Nandi K, Newry, Maine (Nandi's breath volume increased from 3800 to 4400ml during 3 sessions ~ EJvdW)
My breathing became smoother, more open and much deeper! Cool.  I notice a free flow of air in my back. I'm very happy with the improvements.  I was taught a yoga 'complete breath' but was never able to do it, now it seems effortless.  I have easy long exhales now, and smoother breathing overall.
Chris W, Palmyra, Maine
The man kindly taught her how to breathe slowly and deeply from the abdomen, concentrating on a long out-breath, letting the in-breath take care of itself.  "It will relax you," he said.  
(from: 'The Holy Man' by Susan Trott)
I found this quote on the website in a desperate search for help on breathing.  My problem was, after my last 'breathing breakthrough', I had been focussing too much on breathing.  As soon as I tried to inhale I realized that I could only take short shallow breaths.  This quote solved my problem.  The key is to relax the exhale as much as possible, and the inhale will just happen.  Trying to make it happen just tenses every muscle in the upper body it seems.
Sorrisi's "Seeing Beauty" blog

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